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Container Shipping
We will load your car into a 20’, 40’ or 45' container and then it will be securely strapped down. We will also load any personal effects that you have into the container as well.

Ro/Ro vessels sail 3 times per month.
The best option for shipping a car without any personal effects is shipping by Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/Ro) vessel. Car will be driven right into the ship and be strapped down securely and shipped off with ease. 

Towing and coast to coast cars delivery.
From your house, the dealership, the auction, etc.: we can make arrangements to have your vehicle picked up and towed. Our staff ensuring that the vehicle is carefully picked up and delivered on time.

We offer insurance to ease your mind that your vehicle will be covered if any extraneous damage occurs during the shipping process.

Mill Wright's expansive global shipping capabilities places the world's most lucrative markets within your reach. Our experienced talent in transcontinental transportation encompasses cargo ranging from personal goods, watercraft, cars, and maritime vessels, to heavy industrial special projects.

Worldwide Shipping

- Ship anything, anywhere in the world

- Family belongings relocation

- International commercialized materials

- Specialized high tonnage transport jobs


-  Ability to pick up goods or vehicles anywhere within the continental United States

- Can securely store your personal freight in our 100,000 square foot warehouse

- Gated and locked yard for your vehicle's protection

- 24/7 indoor and outdoor security surveillance

RoRo and Container Shipping

- Transporters can tow your vehicle directly to the port for Ro-Ro service

- Responsible and experienced loaders

- Vehicles are safely strapped and secured inside the container

- Use of officially approved, sturdy ocean-freight containers

Nothing is too big or heavy

- Heavy lift and break-bulk shipping

- Small, medium, and large ocean going vessels

- Luxury yachts, bulk barges, and commercial tugboats

- Industrial, manufacturing and mining equipment


- Exceptional and personalized partner service

- Complete assistance during entire cargo export process

- Worry-free export for your greatest convenience

WE ARE PROUDLY PARTNERS WITH: see list of all shipping lines